Buddipole vs magnetic loop

QRZ Forums. Hi i was living in the country side but i have just sold my house waiting for my job transfert in Washington. I live now in a building located in the downtown. I'm lucky because my apartment is on the top floor and i have a balcony too. I was thinking about the Buddipole and the Buddistick too. As i don't know very well those two antennas i'd like to have your opinion.

Thansk in advance. F8DRAOct 20, If you buy the Buddipole kit, you can make a Buddistick. A vertical, like the Buddistick, will pick up more man-made noise, but the takeoff angle is lower, favoring DX. A horizontal dipole, or similar, like the Buddipole, will have a higher takeoff angle, depending on how close it is to the ground, favoring closer stations.

You results may differ trying to use either one on your balcony, due to the height and nearby metallic objects. Might look at building or buying a magnetic loop antenna -- they work well for QRP, are more compact, and tend to be less noisy in an urban environment. I concur, I have done some pretty crazy DX on a mag loop. W8ZACOct 21, If you are on the top floor of the building you can practically install anything.

Perhaps even a cobweb antenna or a compact two element yagi. Why limit yourself to a lesser performing antenna? He probably doesn't want to get evicted.

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Also, the construction of many balconies may be not strong enough to put up with significant wind load over a long period; i wouldn't want to be the one that sent a Mosley to the ground from the 37th floor, put it that way.

That'll get you operating on 10 through If you want to hit up lower bands, add an appropriate length of wire about 17 more feet for 40m for example to the end of the whip, extend it and run an inverted L.

Thank you for all your comments. The magnetic loop should be more appreciated here in the apartment in particularly for the noise but i want an antenna that i could use during portable session too.

I need an antenna that it is very simple to put up and ready to use you know what i mean. The buddistick works as a kind of vertical, that means that the antenna needs a good counterpoise i guess, it is going to be difficult to lay radials on my balcony lol. There are few buildings around here but they are not taller than mine so i've a good a quite beautiful around here but the problem is that my balcony is not open on the top, there is a kind of roof above, i don't know how to explain, it is of course open on its front but not on the top roof sorry for my english I have found an article talking about the Super Antenna, the antenna is only 7 feet length and has some good testimonies.

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Have you already heard about it? F8DRAOct 21, One additional consideration: the buddipole can be used as a buddistick. The nice thing about the buddipole is that it's like an erector set which you can use to come up with umpteen different kinds of antennas if you have th eparts. The downside is, of course, that it's not a cheap toy.

Review of Alpha Loop and Buddipole Buddistick

N1ENOct 21, W7UUU likes this. Don't split hairs. You get my drift. Don't push balcony load limits.

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KC8VWM likes this.QRZ Forums. I'm in the market for a HF portable antenna M Something that I can easily setup outside on a beach,vacation, outdoors. I've narrowed it down to either the buddistick vertical or the buddipole. I've read all the reviews on eham and also looked at the Outbacker product line, hustler and hamsticks. Anyone with an opinion on either of these from personal expierence, please let me know.

Buddipole Vs Buddistick

AJ2IJun 9, None of that stuff works worth a darn on 80m. The small, portable, loaded stuff starts working a bit on 40m and then of course gets "better and better" as you go up the spectrum, band by band. By the time you get to six meters, the portable stuff works about as well as home station antennas, minus the gain of beams and such. The verticals require a ground plane to work well, so that's more "work" than the Buddipole, which does not.

The Buddipole's pretty versatile and can be configured to work the bands down to 17m or 20m with reasonable effectiveness. Not cheap, but small, portable, fairly quick to assemble and they don't require any kind of ground K5EHE likes this. Ok, with the buddipole, do i need to worry about couterpoises and radials? The Buddipole works as a dipole, so no 'counterpoise' or radial system is needed.

I haven't used the Buddipole, but I have used a pair of Hamsticks as a dipole on 20 meters. Performance is reasonable, but you won't win any DX contests. A shortened dipole 8 feet off the ground is going to be lossy on all the HF bands.

buddipole vs magnetic loop

You will make contacts, but a full-size antenna higher in the air will always work better. I've actually found that for portable work, if I'm not tearing it down and moving it every day, the Hustler BTV-series verticals work well. I use a roof tripod with barbell weights on each leg and on the bottom of the center support mast.

I have the radials all cut and arranged in bundles, so I just need to unroll them and spread them out on the ground. When you're working portable, you can carry a variety of antennas, depending on your circumstances.

I've worked PSK31 using 2 watts from an Ft and MFJ's model 5 foot loaded whip on 20 meters from inside motel rooms with surprising success. But an end-fed half-wave antenna in a tall tree works much better! The end-fed half wave antennas are particularly easy to use, as they only require one support. K0RGRJun 9, Over all you will get better performance with a vertical and a few radials. The problem with the Buddipole is height above ground, At the height its typically used at its a great cloud warmer.For the most part, these comparisons are absolutely valid and well meaning.

Unfortunately, there are those instances, when comparisons present a very one sided view, leaving much to be desired. Loop performance efficiency increases as we head higher up the band. So much so, that a dipole and magloop could be indistinguishable on higher band results. In fact, it actually becomes an outright fair fight! So their focus is usually the less efficient but very much smaller, more portable, lightweight and easy to deploy little Brothers.

They use these systems because of their portability and very small deployment footprint. As I mentioned, the dipole has the clear advantage in every way, so we expect an overwhelming difference in performance. OH8STN is the loop. This is just an observation. Map Spots from both stations here are a few example spots from receiving stations which have heard both the dipole and the loop.

Pay close attention to the signal-to-noise ratios. What results could we expect then? We shall see! The test configuration Band: I set up the test on the 30 meter band.

The day of posting is day 1. One leg is South by Southwest the other leg is west-northwest oriented. The center portion is at 12 meters height from the tower stand-off. Driving the Broadband terminated dipole is a Yaesu ft at mw, controlled by wsjt-x on Ubuntu Linux.

It should easily outperform the loop. The loop is mounted indoors under the rafters of the attic in my garage. The loop should definitely fail, right? Map Spots from both stations. Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Spread the love. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Parts List:. Get the strip of paxolin and mount the capacitor at one end top. Fit the insulated coupling to the capacitor shaft and then fit the reduction gear.

The brackets will need to be made from 4mm aluminium. Then make up a bracket for the 2 micro switches. Connect capacitor to copper pipe with coax braiding and 6nmm brass bolts. Get the bottom plug fit the 25 mm coupling and the din socket connect to motor and fit with self-tapping screws and sealant on main pipe.

Assembly of capacitor is now complete. Fit broom handle to coupling, I use this as the mast, also to attach the coupling loop with cable ties. Clean the pipe and bends with wire wool and add flux. Then fit bends to pipe. Do this on flat surface and fix bends with self-tapping screws till you solder.

You now have a square loop. Paint if required. Then trim it by 15mm at each end till you get a match see photo. Then solder And seal with rubber tape.

I built mine into a small box with the switches and the LEDs work well. There are more sophisticated control circuits that can be used but this was the easiest.

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Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site use cookies to ensure you the best experience in navigation. If you continue to use this site it is assumed that you are happy with it. Ok Read more.Open 24 Hours During this Crisis. In April, I purchased the S-9v with the portable stand. AS suggested on[…]. I picked up hextenna at Dayton and as soon as I came back from the hectic trip, I put it into action — woooah! The antenna came with three radiating elements and a single vertical element, all[…].

I had only used the antenna when I was on holiday. I think a combination of bad conditions and bad location limited my success. Today, I set it up in[…]. I have been out of ham radio for a few yrs. My antenna blow down[…]. Alpha Antenna. The worlds best! All AntennasPortable. Add to cart.

Review of Alpha Loop and Buddipole Buddistick

All AntennasPortableYagis. All AntennasMagnetic LoopsPortable. HF Flagpole antenna for Meters. All AntennasHF Base. Read more. All AntennasDipoles and End-fedPortable. Reviews See what people like you are saying. This Antenna fits the bill 5K5T I needed a fast and very vertical antenna to use for portable operation in my travels.

AS suggested on[…] Read more. The antenna came with three radiating elements and a single vertical element, all[…] Read more.

Unbox and Test of W6LVP Receive-Only HF Loop (#74)

Reviewed the Alpha Vertical I had only used the antenna when I was on holiday. Today, I set it up in[…] Read more. Great Indeed! My antenna blow down[…] Read more.I used a KX3 without the tuner activated with 10W output. Both antennas had roughly a 1. Recall the AlexLoop is directional as well while Buddipole is omnidirectional.

buddipole vs magnetic loop

Even though I am favoring the Alexloop in the video, I am not here to endorse any antenna. Feel free to experiment yourselves. The only downside…. I wish the AlexLoop was built a little better. This is an introduction video that allows you full control and access of your Flex series radio. Read more. Posted date: November 03, in: Antenna No Comments.

April 08, No comments. Ham Radio Deluxe 6. Brazil holds and MHz consultation April 05, No comments. Ham Radio Test Online! Reservation IC April 03, No comments. JTAlert 2. Friedrichshafen — Ham Radio update April 01, No comments.

Coronavirus: Spain grants special authorization to radio hams March 31, No comments. Recent Posts. April 08, Most Shared Posts. We know many examiners have canceled amateur radio license exam sessions to meet the requirements an. A new sunspot appeared on the last day in March and the first days of April, with daily sunspot numb. Reservation IC IC Firmware UpdateMy goal was to test how well two different antennas that I made for field use compare to my base station antenna.

The idea was to test each antenna in as equivalent band conditions as possible. I then put all of this data into a spreadsheet. I calculated the average, median, maximum, and minimum dB signal reports for each antenna on every band I did the test. I also generated the same results for stations within a mile radius as well as within a mile radius. Finally I calculated the same data for the distances from the receiving stations. The first thing that I noticed when looking at the WSPR data was how closely the end fed and loaded dipole performed on both bands.

The end fed seems to have a slight edge, but I would put this down to it being higher in the air rather than any inherent design advantage. Even the receiving station distance numbers were strikingly close to one another. This makes sense since both of these antennas are essentially identical, except one is fed in the center and the other is not.

It also reached much further out with almost double the average and more than double the maximum distance to a receiving station. What I found was that the loop generally had more spots from the same station than the other two antennas. These extra spots always came at the poorest times of day for propagation and consequently resulted in very low signal reports.

When the receiving station had spots for all three antennas at the same time of day, the loop almost always had the highest signal report, usually by multiple dB. This combination of factors pulled down the average and median signal reports and masked how well the loop performs on 40 meters.

buddipole vs magnetic loop

Using WSPR to evaluate antennas is not an exact science and I am far from an expert statistician, so these results are by no means definitive. That said, I think this was a worthwhile exercise and resulted in some interesting data that generally correlates with my first hand experience using these antennas. I also use two delta loops oriented in different directions in order to insure that all directions are covered.

Both are fed at 47 feet that being the highest point for either. I also have band cut dipoles for80 and Both are cut to feet. I do not use an antenna tuner on either loop. It is not necessary. The highest swr is on 18 meter but only 2.

buddipole vs magnetic loop

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